SharePoint Saturday Utah 2013

The second incarnation of #SPSUtah is in the books and it was another success for the local community. Joel, Christian and Josef did a great job bringing everything together and working to increase attendance over last year and bring in some awesome speakers. Well done, guys!

For the session I presented, I was able to get back to some of my roots and focus on the developers perspective, specifically developing search solutions for SharePoint 2013. We covered the architecture of 2013 enterprise search and then dove into the out of the box components that can now solve many of the problems that previously needed a developer to solve. From there, we could elevate the discussion and look at how to develop solutions using those base components, specifically the Content Search Web Part and Display Templates and how to deploy them properly using a solution file. The session wasn’t a deep developer session, but my plan is to have it be the first in a series that gets deeper and deeper into more complex development tasks. I really do see search as a powerful tool in the developers toolbox and I hope to have the opportunity to continue the series.

Thank you to everyone who attended the session and for the conversations during and afterwards. Attached to this post is the slide deck and the sample Visual Studio project I presented. The solution includes a simple page with a display template being deployed and then used by a CSWP that is added to the page. Nothing fancy, but it shows the concepts we covered.

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