Live 360 Bootstrap in SharePoint Session

I have the privilege of presenting a couple sessions this week at the Live! 360 Conference in Orlando, FL and I just finished presenting “How to Improve the SharePoint UI using Bootstrap 3”. This was my first time presenting this session publicly and I’m happy to say all went well, including demos. Always a good thing J! The crowd was great, and if I could thank each attendee personally I would.

As promised, the code for the three demos I gave is now available on GitHub. One demo is a simple HTML solution showing improvements using Bootstrap. The second is a solution I downloaded from Bind Tuning and used to show a complete SharePoint branding solution that includes Bootstrap (thanks BT!) The final demo includes a solution that takes the first HTML demo and pulls it into a SharePoint hosted app and then incorporates Bootstrap to show how to use Bootstrap in your SharePoint apps.

GitHub code:


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