Starting 2015 Fresh with a New Job

The title says it all…my last day with Neudesic is this Friday. To give you a hint for who my new employer is, I just added Satya Nadella to my “coworkers” list on Twitter. More on the new role in a bit.

I was at Neudesic for four and a half years and experienced a few major corporate transitions. While I believed the company was great and had awesome people working there when I first started, that belief has not changed one bit through those transitions. Leaving a place you know is going in the right direction and people you enjoy working with is very difficult, but I’m confident I’ve made the right decision to leave now. I learned a ton and experienced a lot of ups and downs and I hope to stay in touch with as many of my Neudesic colleagues as possible.

As for my new job, I am joining Microsoft starting January 5th and my title will be Azure Sr. Technical Evangelist. I’ve been making a concerted effort to transition my technical skills from a SharePoint focus to an Azure focus for quite some time, so I’m super excited to be able to jump into a new role and have that platform be where I spend the majority of my time. While the title has the word “Evangelist” in it, the bulk of my responsibilities will be to work with ISV’s and help them build awesome technology on Microsoft platforms. Of course Azure, but also Office 365, Windows and phone. At least that was how the role was described to me so check back in a year and we’ll see how close I was!

Changing roles, employers and technology focus is a lot to change at one time. Yeah, it’s a bit nerve-racking. But it’s also very exciting and I’m ready for the new challenges ahead. With these shifts, you can expect to see me less active in pure SharePoint community events and more active in Azure related events. Community has always been a focus for me and will continue to be a focus regardless of technology. Since components of my new role will still touch Office 365 and SharePoint I will never be too far way, though! Oh, and this does not mean that I’m going to stop helping organize the SharePoint Saturday Denver event coming up on January 17th! You should come!

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