Python 101 – Day 2

Following my first day, day 2 could alternatively be titled “Fedora 101 – Day 1”. While I’ve used my Surface Pro 3 with Linux installed (currently running Fedora) when traveling for various dev tasks, I’ve never used it as my main machine at home at my desk. So day 2 was actually spent doing nothing at all with Python and instead working on how to get my machine to recognize my two external monitors and scale properly. Once I found this post referring to a setting in experimental-features for scale-monitor-framebuffer, and rebooting, I was able to scale each monitor separately.

The rest of the day, what was left, was spent figuring out why the Pluralsight videos wouldn’t play in Chromium or Firefox. I finally got Firefox to work looking here, and that was a good way to end the day I thought!

Day 3
Day 4

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