Python 101 – Day 4

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Finally had a productive day! I made it through about 2.5 courses on Pluralsight and am starting to get a good feel for the basics of Python. I still have a ways to go, but the foundation is there. A few notes I took:

  • Python code doesn’t have to live in a class; self is similar to this; No formal construct for override; Everything is public, no protected/private
  • A couple editor notes of VS Code vs PhCharm:
    • PyCharm has a nice “override” hint in the editor that Code doesn’t show
    • When there are unresolved references, PyCharm tells you. Code doesn’t.
  • In one of the classes I took, the instructor showed a code structure like this:

    When I ran it set up like that, I got an error that the app couldn’t find the student module (which was imported in I had to move into the webapp folder for things to work, like this:
    Maybe a Python version thing, or something for me to learn about setting up a project structure.
  • I used virtual environments before so I was looking forward to learning more. One class I took used virtualenv and another used venv. Not sure which one is preferred or what the difference is.
  • Traditional code formatting uses four spaces for indentation. I’m not sure if VS Code defaults to four spaces per tab but I’ll have to look into that.

I was happy to make some good progress and not deal with any non-training issues and I look forward to taking more advanced courses and start working on a real project. I have a pet project in mind but I may also find something out there I can contribute to and get my feet wet (I’m looking at you, Tommy!) That will wrap this series of blog posts, although I  may jump back in and post things as I learn more.

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