Scripts for Service Fabric Cluster Certificates

If you need to create a Linux Service Fabric cluster in Azure, there are a couple great templates to get you started, one is a five node/1 node type and another for a seven node/3 node types cluster. Both repo’s assume you have a certificate in Key Vault already, but if you don’t there is a PowerShell script you can use to generate a self-signed cert and upload to Key Vault. Very handy if you have/know PowerShell, but if you aren’t you’re stuck. I created some scripts to help with that.

These scripts mimic the same behavior as the PowerShell script, but can be run in Bash. The first,, creates a Key Vault if you don’t already have one. The second,, is the Bash equivalent of New-ServiceFabricClusterCertificate.ps1. Except I use Key Vault to create the cert instead of creating one locally and then uploading it. This means you need to download the cert afterwards if you want to use it to connect to your cluster after creation. I should probably add some steps on how to do that, but another day. One of the parameters expects a JSON file with the policy info. I have a sample file that can be used, you’ll just need to update it with your specific domain CName.

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