MySQL Workbench Fail

After restoring access to this site (you didn’t notice it was down???), I figured I should probably have some backups in place. Figuring a simple backup/restore should be easy with MySQL Workbench, I proceeded to download it and fire it up. Well, as the title suggests, not all went well.

TLDR: Use the mysql cli.

I set up connections to two different servers inside of Workbench, one in a VM and the other running in Azure Database for MySQL. Neither would connect. Occasionally, I would get an error message but more often than not it would just try, then give up with no message. I finally gave up completely and moved to mysql CLI and was able to get everything done there just fine. I guess that’s the lesson.

Granted, I could’ve had something configured incorrectly. However, after closing Workbench, I noticed my computer begin to lag. I popped open Task Manager and low and behold, there was a ghost MySQL Workbench task that was spiking my CPU even though I closed the program. Coincidentally, I recently upgraded to Windows 11 so for now I’m chalking it up to a compatibility issue (with nothing whatsoever to back it up.)

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