When to Say No

On my drive in today I was thinking about some recent events and rationalizing them with past experiences in management positions. Employees should always be asking their managers for something. That “something” changes over time […] Read More

First WordPress Post

I finally moved off of Community Server as my blog engine and migrated to this site using WordPress.  It’s all new to me so I’m still figuring out the settings, but with the help of […] Read More

Selling and Delivering SharePoint Governance

Look up the word “governance” in wikipedia and you’ll find sentences such as “It relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. It consists either of a separate process or of a […] Read More

Test Twitter Notifier from Live Writer

Trying out the Twitter Notifier using Live Writer.  Found in the Live Writer SDK for Technical Preview.  This should show up on my Twitter feed.

Agile in a Waterfall World

I’ve had some time recently to do some training that has been on the shelf due to my client responsibilities.  One of the items on that shelf was learning more about Agile and Scrum and […] Read More

The Art of The Finish

I came across The Art of The Finish post by D. Keith Robinson through my Lifehacker feed.  Very good advice on things to keep in mind when tackling a project, software or otherwise.  It seems […] Read More

Corporate Blogging Take 1

A little while back I was in a meeting at work discussing different ways to reach out to employees.  We currently use a monthly meeting that has a set topic, but attendance was going down.  […] Read More

Free IT Subject Webcasts

Through Steve Lamb’s blog, I found IT Conversations.  Just briefly reviewing what they have, looks like a great place to go to learn some things through the old headset.  Steve mentions security, but they have […] Read More

Company Holiday Party(ies)

Ok, let’s try this again.  I’ll try not to lose this post before it makes it to the warm and cozy Home away from Home, otherwise known as SQL Server. So I had two parties […] Read More