First WordPress Post

I finally moved off of Community Server as my blog engine and migrated to this site using WordPress.  It’s all new to me so I’m still figuring out the settings, but with the help of […] Read More

Test Twitter Notifier from Live Writer

Trying out the Twitter Notifier using Live Writer.  Found in the Live Writer SDK for Technical Preview.  This should show up on my Twitter feed.

Drill Here, Drill Now!

I guess if you sit and wait long enough, someone will do something to solve a problem.  In my eyes, the problem is our dependency on foreign oil.  There are two angles of attack to […] Read More

House Performance

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how “well” the new House has been doing with Pelosi at the helm, leading their 100 day march.  I really did try to take a look at it […] Read More

Green Gore?

Is Gore as green as he’s preaching we should all be?  Apparently not. That’s a disappointment.  Democrat vs. Republican aside, I really wish we could count on folks in the public eye to not be […] Read More

Republicans Better in Bed

I’m slowly catching up on my magazine reading and finally opened the “sex” issue of GQ from a month or two ago.  I found a GREAT article by an anonymous woman that gives 10 1/2 […] Read More

Katrina vs. Tsunami

Details are still being put together in the aftermath of the tragedy caused by Katrina down along the Gulf Coast.  The best estimate at this point is that there will be thousands dead and take […] Read More

Dan Rather’s Retirement Party

The Rather-Gate is getting Rather interesting.  Get it…Rather…rather…oh nevermind. Once the blog community exposed the deception with the CBS Bush report having to do with his Guard service, I just chalked it up to the […] Read More

What’s the Population of Madagascar?

Beats me. But I found a really cool site that will tell you.  And the best part is, it’s paid for by our tax dollars. It’s called The World Factbook and is put together by our […] Read More

Is Your Fourth Grader a Criminal

The whole “school violence” and political correctness of this world is really getting to me.  As a father of two it’s getting close to being frightening.  Not that I’m worried my kids will be the […] Read More